Fire and Smoke Damage can be physically and emotionally devastating. The aftermath of a fire can usually mean months of repair to the structure and may temporarily remove the occupants from their home or business. Smoke odors penetrate the structure and contents while layers of soot blanket everything within its reach. The contents and structure often suffer further damage by chemicals and water used to control and eventually extinguish the fire.  


 Determining Different Types of Smoke

Smoke comes in four basic varieties. Wet Smoke is described as resulting from a low heat fire. The smoke will have a pungent odor and a sticky, smeary texture. Dry Smoke results from fast burning high temperature fire. Protein smoke has an extreme pungent odor but is virtually invisible, but it will discolor paints and varnish your structure. Fuel oil soot smoke result from furnace current returns cause fuel oil soot. Other types of smoke include tear gas, fingerprint powder, and fire extinguisher residue.

 We understand the drying, cleaning and deodorizing characteristics of a wide variety of carpet, walls, upholstery, flooring, fabrics and everything found in a typical home. We can quickly determine what can be restored, how to do it, and then get it done!


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